Man schools 11 kids from selling donuts

June 09, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Richard Gayle is all smiles as he sells his donuts in Spanish Town.
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Richard Gayle sits in front of a stack of donuts.

Richard Gayle has been plying the streets of Spanish Town from the tender age of 10 years old, after his father abandoned him along with his mother and siblings. But, instead of allowing turbulent beginnings to break him, he used it as motivation to make something of himself.

From doing odd jobs to establishing his own donut selling business, 42-year-old Richard Gayle has managed to school his six children and five other children, as well as build his home, and purchase multiple vehicles.

His first born, Ricardo Gayle, 24, graduated from Spanish Town High School, with seven subjects, but was unfortunately electrocuted two years ago. Santina Gayle, 21, graduated from Jonathan Grant High School, and now works with the Ministry of Health. Ridge Gayle, 12; Rick Gayle 7, and; Roshawn Gayle are all attending primary school. His two-year-old daughter Regina Gayle will start school in September.

He also gives a helping hand to his sister's two children, and three children belonging to one of his babymothers.

"Me neva get an education, but me have strong business head," Gayle affirmed.

"Mi mother used to wash people clothes, but sometimes she neva have nothing, so we used to tear the old sheet, or old skirt, and wipe car glass with it. Then we take the money go school and give we mother to cook for us," Gayle added.

But things weren't always peachy for Gayle as he recalled having multiple misadventures while roaming the streets of Spanish Town, St Catherine, where he grew up.

"Sometimes inna night we a run fi catch the car glass and we nuh notice say no glass no inna it. So by time we throw the cloth pon the glass, it lick the driver inna him face and we haffi run!" Gayle said, laughing.


In his early teens, Gayle started manning a snack stall for Michael Winter, a gentleman in the community whom he said looked out for him and his siblings. With this responsibility, Gayle stopped attending school and took on his duty full time.

At 18 years old, Gayle learned he was going to be a father, and he vowed to "hustle harder" because he was determined to do a better job than his absentee father.

He then landed a job assorting bottles at a brewery, and then moved on to working with a delivery truck. Unfortunately, Gayle lost the job, but he was not deterred.

Gayle started selling juices along Barrett Street in Spanish Town, and when that became unprofitable, he turned to selling donuts.

Twenty years, later and Gayle has not looked back, as he believes it is his duty to provide for his children.

"Just do the best for you youths because if you have five women in life, and they all forsake you, and you have your children, even one of them will help you. I will tell any father right now, don't forsake you youths dem," Gayle said.

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