Residents protest following man's death


June 09, 2016

Residents of Sligoville in St Catherine took to the streets of their community to protest against the alleged killing of a resident by a motorist.

Dead is Albert Palmer, a 54-year-old labourer of Sligoville, St Catherine.

The residents used all types of debris to block the street and demanded that the police locate the driver of the ill-fated vehicle.

Reports are that on Monday, Palmer was walking along the road when he was mowed down by a motor vehicle.

He was rushed to hospital where he was admitted in a serious condition, but later died from injuries received.

It is said that the Sligoville police initially took the driver into custody, but later released him.

Meanwhile, a senior police officer from the St Catherine division, of which Sligoville is a part, said that a thorough investigation is being done.

- R.T.

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