June 10, 2016

A woman is claiming that she was beaten by a taxi driver after refusing pay the fare she was being told to pay because she believed he was overcharging her.

Damali Earle says she called City Guide Taxi Service on Wednesday to make a delivery from a friend's house to her home within the Mona area.

"When the driver got here, he said the stamp was $400, but I have travelled from my friend to my house multiple times and they always charged $350, so I refused to pay the $50," Earle said.

According to the 22-year-old, the $50 difference caused an argument between herself and the cab driver, who she said refused to give her the packages.

"He tried to leave with my package and I tried to take it out of the car, and he slammed the door on me and I reacted by punching him in the face," she said.

best friend

Earle said an altercation then occurred, which resulted in the taxi driver hitting her in the face and on other parts of her body.

Her best friend, who intervened by dragging Earle away, was also allegedly hit in the face by the driver.

After visiting the Papine Police Station to report the incident, Earle said she was told by the police that she and her best friend would be charged with assault, along with the cab driver.

Both parties decided to drop the charges against each other yesterday after meeting at the police station.

"The police men there treated me with little regard, and I didn't want to be dragged through the court system based on the bad experience this was turning out to be," said Earle, who told THE WEEKEND STAR that the incident has scarred her.

Meanwhile, the owner of the City Guide Taxi Service, Daniel White, said the driver involved in the incident will not face any sanctions.

"I warned the driver and told him to handle the situation better next time," he said.

According to White, because of differing accounts of the incident received from both parties, he could not suspend his driver.

The proprietor of the taxi service also said the driver was actually undercharging Earle, as delivery for that distance should cost $500.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the Papine Police Station, where Earle said the report was made, the police officer refused to confirm the report.

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