Thieves steal fries and fish from Popeyes


June 11, 2016
Popeyes sign in Cross Roads, St Amdrew.

Thieves broke into a Popeyes Chicken and Seafood restaurant between Thursday night and Friday morning and left with boxes of fries and fish.

The incident occurred at the Popeyes restaurant located at 32 Constant Spring Road in St Andrew.

Head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Senior Superintendent Millicent Sprowl-Thomas, said that detectives from her office went to the restaurant to investigate the incident.

"They didn't actually break into the store per se. A freezer is attached to the building and they tore away a section and stole boxes of fries and a box of fish," she said.

When asked to put a value on the stolen goods, Popeyes' general manager, Valda Ormsby, said it was far too early to say.

"Not at this stage. I'm currently balancing my stock," she said.

- A.W.

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