selfish cabbies to lose road licences


June 21, 2016
Dion Chance

The practice by several taxi operators across the island to 'lock routes' while not putting vehicles on them to serve the public has received a major blow.

Yesterday, the Transport Authority announced that effective August 1, the policy that allowed an application to be delayed for three years has been adjusted.

"The change in policy means that a road licence becomes invalid one year after it has expired. Thereafter, the applicant will be required to submit a new road licence application, provided that the route and/or licence type is available at the time," the authority said.

Dion Chance, president of the National Council of Taxi Associations, said he needed to consult with members of the executive before making a comment.

However, some taxi operators said yesterday that the new policy will serve to cut out persons from the system who refuse to put vehicles on some routes for which they have road licences.

"The routes are deemed to be oversubscribed and you have persons holding on to licences without putting vehicles on the routes," one operator said.

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