Llandovery death toll climbs to four

June 22, 2016
The mangled Honda Civic motor car which was involved in Tuesday's road crash in St Ann which claimed the lives of four persons.

The death toll from Tuesday's crash along the Llandovery main road in St Ann now stands at four.

The St Ann police said that the driver of the Honda Civic motor car that was involved in the crash died at hospital.

He has been identified as 21-year-old Michael Glascow of Village Green, St Ann's Bay.

Three other persons, Eric Forbes, 22, of Steerfield, St. Ann; Jahnor Powell, 24, of Charlestown, St. Mary; and Teisha Douglas, whose address has not been ascertained, perished on Tuesday night.

Two persons remain in hospital.

"It is unexplainable for an evening like this to have been a reality for all of us at the hotel," said Fabian Brown, director of human resources at the at Gran Bahia Principe Hotel where the six persons worked.

"There is a gloom of sadness, and for me to say that, that is an understatement," he added.




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