Politician to the rescue ... makes secret donation to sick child

June 22, 2016
File Karmala Pitter with her son, Kavon Briffith earlier this year

A Jamaican politician has come to the assistance of Kavon Briffith, the 11-year-old boy who is battling a case of chronic pancreatitis.
Kavon’s mother, Kamarla Pitter, has been working overtime to raise funds for him to travel to the United States for treatment, but has not been successful as she is yet to satisfy the United States Embassy that she has the $2 million to pay for the medical procedure, airfare and boarding.
“He (the politician) has given me a letter with a bank statement to send him to go and get his visa,” she told THE STAR yesterday.
Contacted yesterday, the politician requested that his involvement not be disclosed to the public.
“I am not seeking publicity on this. It is a private, humanitarian gesture,” he said.
fundraising effort
Pitter, who is from Kingston, has been trying for months to raise funds for her son to travel abroad for the treatment. Her most recent fundraising effort was a concert that was headlined by several superstars. That event was a flop.
“The show was not a success. None of the big artistes came to give me any support,” Pitter said.
“It’s just the young artistes. We didn’t get much. I only sold $12,000 at the bar, so you know mi just have to keep the faith and trust God,” she told THE STAR.
According to Pitter, who revealed that she is an aspiring reggae artiste under the stage name Queen Kamarla, it was nothing short of disappointed having been given several empty promises from the well known artistes.
“Mi really did a look out, and the night mi never see none of the [big] name artiste dem. Mi did feel real bad,” she said.
Members of Sizzla’s camp came through with some of the promises made, but even then there was a mishap.
severe complications
“The Sizzla Foundation told me they were going to sponsor the event in terms of giving me a sound system and giving me a stage,” Pitter explained. “They provided the stage, but the sound system never came until after 4 p.m., so the entire day kinda dead out. It just never worked out right,”
Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, an abdominal gland behind the stomach. It prevents digestion and can lead to severe complications that can be life-threatening.
While Kavon may not appear to be in excruciating pain at present, his condition still needs immediate attention.
“Right now, he is not feeling any pain, but he has three gallstones growing now inside of him,” said the distraught mother.
“He needs to go to Cleveland,” she said.
“It has been rough because mi still nuh really get the support, so mi have to reschedule an appointment for July 7. Hopefully, I can raise enough funds to carry him up,” she said.
Meanwhile, having received the support of the politician, Pitter is now hopeful that the US Embassy will now grant her son a visa.
“I am waiting for the embassy to call us now,” she said, while adding that “we still need support for his treatments and overhead costs for when he is staying over there and all of that.”


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