Cop freed of corruption charges

June 23, 2016

Police Corporal Fitzroy Benneth was freed of corruption charges in the St Catherine Parish Court yesterday.

Benneth was charged with trying to pervert the course of justice, soliciting and accepting a bribe and breach of the Corruption Prevention Act.

He was freed after his lawyer, Courtney Maxwell, asked that the case be dismissed as no evidence was offered.

Maxwell told the court that more than 10 trial dates were set for the matter to get underway and that the complainant had been absent on all occasions.

He told Parish Judge Natalee Brooks that the investigating officer had been absent on some occasions, including yesterday.

The Crown agreed with the submission made by Maxwell.

Allegations before the court were that Benneth had charged the complainant with breaches of the Road Traffic Act.

The crown had alleged that Benneth solicited $52,000 from the complainant not to pursue the matter.

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