Delus death a wake up call ... psychologist beg people to seek help ... Girlfriend remains quiet amid rumours


June 24, 2016
@Normal:Delus performing at Bog Walk High School in 2013.
Leahcim Semaj

• Psychologist begs people to seek help

• Girlfriend remains quiet amid rumours

Delus, 35, is believed to have shot himself in the head at his Havendale, St Andrew, home Wednesday evening.

His girlfriend told THE WEEKEND STAR, through an intermediary yesterday, that now is a bad time to talk about the death of Delus as she is grieving.

Asked whether she intends to speak in an attempt to put the rumours to rest, the intermediary said "Yes, but she is not ready yet."

Investigators have confirmed that Delus recorded a video of himself moments before his death. The video was subsequently sent to the mother of his child who rushed to the house in an attempt to prevent him from taking his life. However, by the time she reached there, Delus was dead.

can't discuss

Inspector Karen Salmon, crime officer for the area, said that the police would not be sharing the contents of the video.

"It is with the particular investigating officer. I can't discuss it with you. I can't give you anything about the contents of the video. It is of evidential value right now. Based on the investigation, we don't want to send things out, which, if of evidential value, might undermine the matter," she said.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, Jamaica Constabulary Force Communications Officer, who confirmed the weapon found at the scene was Delus' licensed firearm.

Meanwhile, psychologist Dr Leahcim Samaj told THE WEEKEND STAR that many entertainers suffer in silence and argued that depression is not a fan of anyone, whether of not they are celebrities.

tough business

"You know that line from Buju, 'It's not an easy road, you see the glamour and the glitter and yuth think a bag a rose" ... and there is a line from Chronixx, where he talks about him skinning him teeth and yuh don't know what him going through," Semaj remarked that being in entertainment is tough business.

"They have to be on stage. They have to be putting on a bright face and many times they have serious things that they are processing that they are not handling," he reasoned.

The psychologist told THE WEEKEND STAR that many celebrities keep things bottled up. He recalled gifting an entertainer seven counselling sessions as a wedding present.

"They were never used even though he went through all kinds of problems," Semaj said.

He said that people will have problems and may at times get depressed. He said too that when these things happen it is a wake-up call.

"Talk to somebody, get help. If you don't seek help, you will get yourself in a situation where you can't get back out. And when you get to a point where you don't see anywhere out, any decision is a bad decision because they are all bad," Semaj said.

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