Mother saddened after toddler drowns

June 28, 2016
Contributed Nickorie Campbell

The passing of a young, vibrant boy has left a family and community in mourning, but the loss is even more devastating for his mother, Carene Stone.

With tears in her eyes, Stone recounted the events of Nickorie Campbell's life from the day she was pregnant until the day he died.

It is said the two-year-old boy was at home in Kingsland, Manchester, last Saturday when he and his twin brother, Nickoy, strayed to their grandmother's yard.

It is understood that they were playing on a tank in the yard and one fell into the water. In trying to help him, the other child also fell in.

Covered with zinc

It is said that the tank was covered with zinc that had deteriorated.

The incident occurred while Stone was at work, and her sister, who was left in charge of them, was cooking. When she realised that they were not home she sent someone to look for them. The boy who went in search of them heard screams coming from the tank and went to investigate. That was when he saw one of the twins, whom he managed to retrieve.

Distraught by the incident, Stone has not eaten.

"To how mi feel it to mi heart, it's like him dead and inna the water, but him nuh dead to mi cause mi jus' see him. Him just lay down inna the water just like how mi woulda put him to sleep," she said, adding the incident has also affected Nickorie's twin brother who sighed when he did not see him at their regular hiding spot.

Now, all Stone is left with are memories of her affectionate son, who she described as a lover of books.

"Him always give mi nuff hug and kiss, especially when mi come home in the evening." Stone told THE STAR.

"Mi love my pickney dem from mi pregnant til now. That's why Nickorie so special to mi. Him a di one weh move nuff."

Stone recalled talking to them while being pregnant and after birth they were familiar with her voice.

''When they were born, the father seh dis ya one ya a fi mi (Nickorie) and that one a fi yuh (Nickoy), and him seh, 'a dis ya one ya a guh be the boss (Nickorie)'," she said.

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