Spanish Town Mayor not worried ...says St Catherine Parish Council can stand up to scrutiny


June 28, 2016
Norman Scott

... says St Catherine Parish Council can stand up to scrutiny

Norman Scott, chairman of the St Catherine Parish Council, said the entity that he leads can stand up to forensic scrutiny.

Scott was responding to

comment made by Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie who said in Parliament that the country's parish councils will be audited.

"We are not worried as our operation are up to par and the books are all right," Scott said.

In a major anti-corruption operation last Friday, the police arrested two persons connected to the Manchester Parish Council.

The Hanover Parish Council has also been on the radar of the Office of the Contractor General.

Parish council efficient

Meanwhile, Scott said that the St Catherine Parish Council has been so efficient in its operations that it has attracted the attention of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

"The St Catherine Parish Council is way ahead where energy conservation is concerned. The infirmary's (electricity bill) has moved down from $300,000 monthly to $60,000 monthly as we installed a number of solar panels," Scott said.

"The JPS carried out a raid here to really check how the changes were so large," he added.

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