Entries Galore as Maggi roadshow rolled into Montego Bay


June 29, 2016
Contributed Mercedes Gordon Graham, winner of the Maggi Fortune combo - 4 burner gas stove, large igloo and pressure cooker.
Members of the audience listen attentively for recipe and nutritional tips.
Maggi in-store promoters Richard rush and Presilla Gonzales talk to a female shopper.

The latest installation of the Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion took place last Saturday at the Consumer Meats Plus and Cash Smart Wholesale in Montego Bay, St James.

For the first time in the Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion, organisers were forced to create more coupons after a record number of entries were submitted.

Among the persons who bought Maggi products and entered for a chance to win the grand prize was Mercedes Gordon Graham.

"When I got the chance to spin the wheel, and I won one of those little bags, I turned to the representative in attitude, and asked, 'Is this all that I can get?'" Mercedes Gordon Graham told THE STAR.

Indeed, she wanted much more.

However, she did not stick around long enough for the grand draw.

Gordon Graham told THE STAR she only decided to participate in the promotion because she was already at the supermarket. With her driver ready to leave, she hopped into the vehicle and left the promotion behind.

But as fate would have it, Gordon Graham's disappointment of only winning a gift package in the Maggi Fortune Wheel Promotion was erased after she got one telephone call.

Her husband, whose contact number she had put on the entry form, called her to relay the news that she was the winner of the main draw of the Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion - a four-burner gas stove, a pressure cooker, and a large igloo - which is called the Maggi Fortune Combo.

"It was only last week that my husband sent me to Singer to check up on a stove, and so when I got the call that I won the stove, I was very elated," she said.

The promotion rolls into Morant Bay this Saturday at Joong Supermarket, Classics Supermarket and Young Sam Supermarket. Residents in St Thomas will have a chance to not only enter to win Maggi products, but will be able to learn super Maggi recipies.

In Montego Bay on Saturday, chefs Curtis Robinson and Roxanne Powell shared how to present Maggi Coconut Cabbage, Maggi Spicy Bean Stew, Maggi Macaroni Salad, and Maggi Vegetable Rice.

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