Monitor those websites!


June 29, 2016
File In this 2015 photo, Juian Robinson (left) and Senior Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Walter Bender (right), assist Grade 6 students of the Clan Carthy Primary School, Anastasia Seville (seated, left) and Ashanti Daley (seated, right) to do work on their tablet computers.

Julian Robinson, the opposition spokesman on information and knowledge economy, said teachers and parents need to be more attentive to children accessing inappropriate websites.

At least one school last year complained about an increase in students accessing pornographic content on tablet computers provided to them by the technology ministry.

Yesterday, Robinson, in assessing the Tablets in Schools programme, which was implemented under the previous administration, said that children manage to breach the filtering software that were installed on the devices.

Approximately 25,000 tablets were delivered to students and teachers in 38 educational institutions islandwide under the Tablets in Schools programme. Robinson said that the rate of theft of the tablets were ''very low''. He said, however, that there is the need for improvement in overall quality of the device in terms of hardiness to prevent damage.

Speaking about the positives of the programme, Robinson said it led to improved discipline among students. He added that students were also motivated to attend school and that there were improvements in literacy in some instances.

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