Claims, counterclaims after fatal shooting

July 04, 2016

The fatal shooting of a Bog Walk, St Catherine, man by the police on Saturday has resulted in claims and counter-claims between residents and the lawmen.

Dead is Clive Samuels, a 48-year-old labourer.

"I cannot believe that my brother is dead. I cannot see him as a criminal, but now he is killed by the police we needed proper closure as to what really happened," Samuels' sister Shian Purcel said.


shot up


Samuels' mother said she is saddened by her son's death, but remains strong for his three children. "I heard that he begged a ride in the car which was shot up by the police. I really thought it was a dream, but hope for the sake of his children that he was innocent, as I grew my children to be good law-abiding citizens," Curlyn Holmes said.

The incident, which occurred on Magazine Lane in the community, has left a hush over the area. When The Star visited the community, residents were tight-lipped, most said explosions were heard and they heard that Samuels was shot.

But the police said that Samuels was among men inside a Toyota motor car who engaged members in a shoot-out following a robbery in the area.

The police said that sometime after 4 p.m., the car was spotted on Magazine Lane and a gun battle ensued. After the shooting, police held on to the driver of the car, while Samuels was found with gunshot wounds and taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries about 10 p.m. An Intra Tek sub-machine gun was seized and police said another occupant of the car escaped with another high-powered weapon.

The Independent Commission of Investigations has since launched a probe into the matter.

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