Emergency crime measures for western Jamaica - Bunting

July 04, 2016

Former national security minister Peter Bunting is calling for the implementation of emergency measures to deal with the escalating crime situation in western Jamaica.

Peter Bunting, now the Opposition spokesperson on national security, in listing the emergency measures, said the Government should approve an emergency budgetary allocation to support the deployment of additional security personnel and assets to St James.

"The crisis situation in St James and western Jamaica requires saturation patrolling that can only be sustained if significant budgetary resources are allocated to maintain additional personnel from outside of Area 1," Bunting said in a release yesterday. "Cash resources will be necessary as personnel from Mobile Reserve, Motorised Patrol, and elsewhere will require food, accommodation, fuel, and intelligence acquisition for prolonged effectiveness."

Bunting also recommended that the current security minister, Robert Montague, acquire additional patrol vehicles, including motor bikes, to facilitate a saturation of police personnel in and around troubled communities in the western section of the island.

The former minister said the time was right for a re-examination of a recommendation in the 2014 JCF Review for a decentralisation of key police assets from Kingston.

"The JCF did not immediately accept the recommendation to put a deputy commissioner and additional senior officers in the west, with the benefit of hindsight, this recommendation should now be re-examined," Bunting said. "In addition to a Mobile Reserve western base in Montpelier, key resources from CTOC, MOCA, and NIB should also be reallocated to the west to target lottery scamming."

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