Gun-selling gangsters migrate - pressure from cops forces relocation

July 04, 2016


The police in Clarendon, especially in the Rocky Point area, have been put on high alert by their neighbours from St Catherine South to be on the lookout for gunrunners fleeing Old Harbour Bay, after being uprooted last month.

Superintendent Leighton Gray, head of operations, St Catherine South, told The STAR that since operations in Old Harbour Bay led to the recovery of five guns and the apprehension of an alleged major player in the drugs-for-guns trade, information is that Rocky Point is once again being targeted by gunrunners.

"They're on the verge of leaving, on their way to Rocky Point. However, what we've heard is that it is causing tension in the underworld as you do have some remnants of a trade there, hoping to resurrect and not attract the attention of the police.


unnecessary attention


"I understand that what they are saying is they don't want the Old Harbour men there to attract unnecessary attention, which, in itself, could lead to a war among two groups. This could play out into the Clarendon space and they already have their fair share of problems, murders and shootings in that division," Gray added.

"We have informed the Clarendon police about the issue. As such, they are increasing their activities around the area," he said.

Fisherfolks in Rocky Point, Clarendon, also seem to be aware of rumblings about an impending migration of criminals from Old Harbour Bay.

"Look yah, wi did have da problem deh already, and it get squash out. Wi need help before it happen cause soon nobody don't want come buy fish down yah," a representative from the area's fishing cooperative told The STAR.


extort fisherman


"Wi nuh want wen people a buy fish dem cum si man a buy gun beside dem. Wi nuh waan nobody down yah a intimidate and extort fisherman fi guh a Haiti fi nuh gun an mix up di youth dem. Either Clarendon police a fi guh step up or dem sen fi di same police dem from St Catherine," the representative added.

Meanwhile, Gray said their recent gun-recovery success continues in Old Harbour Bay with the seizure of a 9mm pistol on Saturday night.

"A driver of a motorcycle and his passenger came up on a vehicle checkpoint and attempted to evade the police. A firearm was recovered and one of the men held," he said.

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