July 07, 2016

Some sales agents at Supreme Ventures outlets have reportedly been fleecing customers of their betting dollars through a cunning scheme, which involves the cancellation of tickets.

A sales agent recently uncovered that her employee was pocketing money collected from unsuspecting persons who had turned up to place bets.

The fraud was uncovered after a man, thinking that he was entitled to a payout of more than $10,000, having guessed the correct Cash Pot number, realised that he could not collect. "The ticket was scanned and it was revealed that it was cancelled," a person close to the situation revealed.

The sales agent surmised that her employee cancelled the ticket shortly after it was generated. The agent then pocketed the money that was received as bet and handed the worthless ticket to the pundit. The man has been unable to collect his winnings.

Supreme Ventures yesterday said that the operator of machines currently has 30 minutes to cancel a ticket for non-jackpot games such as Cash Pot, Pick2, Pick3, Pick4.


peak period


"This is a concession to the agents due to the very high level of verbal bets especially during the peak period which are sometimes entered incorrectly," Simone Clarke-Cooper, Supreme Ventures assistant vice president for corporate communication, said.

She said that in order to cancel the ticket, the operator needs to scan the original ticket or enter the 13 digit number at the bottom of the original ticket.

"This procedure is specifically designed to avoid the fraud which is being suggested," she said.

Clarke-Cooper concedes that the system is not 100 percent fool proof but insists that "all evidence is that there is no abuse".

She said that Supreme Ventures will be reducing the time allowed for the cancellation of a ticket from 30 to five minutes at the end of this month.

Operators are not allowed to cancel jackpot type games such as Lotto, Super Lotto, Lucky5, Payday and Top Draw.

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