Cop pointed out in ID parade


July 08, 2016
This Honda motor car was alleged to shot up by police during a chase in Kingston last week.

One of five police officers who were arrested in connection with the recent shooting of a school girl in downtown, Kingston, was pointed out in an identification parade this week.

The officer was pointed out by two witnesses during an ID parade held on Wednesday, well-placed sources said.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that at least two other parades will be held.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is expected to interview the officers after the ID parade is concluded, after which charges could be laid.

All five officers, who are attached to the Mobile Reserve Division, were arrested by INDECOM on Monday in connection with the shooting injury of a 16-year-old Convent of Mercy Academy(Alpha) student last Thursday.

Reports are that the police attempted to stop a 'robot' taxi, but when the driver refused to obey their command the lawmen opened fire at the vehicle, hitting a student, who was a passenger, in the head.

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