WATCH YOUR POCKETS! .. Cops say thieves roaming streets ...Chinese robbed of $2.5 million in St Elizabeth

July 09, 2016
In this 2015 file photo, a policeman escorts a Chinese businessman who was the victim robbery in downtown Kingston.

... Chinese robbed of $2.5 million in St Elizabeth

Summer, a season normally associated with frolic and festivities, is now marred by the possibility of persons being targeted by criminals.

Reports coming from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are that business owners are being targeted by thieves who are robbing them of large sums of cash.

A robbery incident last weekend where Chinese nationals in St. Elizabeth, were robbed of more $2.5 million prompted a cautionary message from the police.

personal security

"The Police are once more urging citizens to be mindful of their personal security and take all necessary steps to lessen the likelihood of them being victims of robbery," the CCU said.

According to the police, this comes in the aftermath of several reports of robbery of persons conducting financial transactions.

Stephanie Lindsay, Communications Officer at the CCU, is warning Jamaicans to be more careful with their business transactions.

"We ask persons who are carrying cash that can make them vulnerable to make preparations to assist in keeping themselves and their property safe," she added.

Persons who operate businesses that utilize large sums of cash were advised to practice certain strategies to protect themselves.

higher number

Lindsay said central parishes such as St. Elizabeth and Manchester recorded higher number of robberies.

Business owners were not the only persons cautioned by Lindsay as she pleaded with citizens to be more aware of their environment.

According to the communications officer, summer is a period that presents more dangers for persons going about their daily routines.

"There is always a spike of certain crimes especially robberies during summer so persons should wear jewelry and also use their cellphones more carefully in public," she cautioned.

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