Cops warn partygoers

July 12, 2016
SSP Calvin Allen

The head of the Police Traffic Department, Superintendent Calvin Allen, has revealed that cops will be staging several night operations targeting motorists heading to and from parties and other entertainment events.

At the same time, Allen said that the operations will also be focused on prosecuting drivers whose vehicles defective lighting.

"If you have no headlight, one headlight, no brake light, the light under your registration plates are not working ... You need to go get it sorted out," Allen said.

He said too that persons with flashing blue lights should remove them from their vehicles.

"What we are doing is giving advance warning so that people can take heed and go get themselves in good order," he told THE STAR.

The police said that the lighting violation represents a breach of the Road Traffic Act.

Noting that the police use blue light and other emergency services use red lights, the cops said that having other vehicles using flashing lights may cause unwarranted confusion to road users and may allow criminal elements to deceive the public and impersonate the police and other emergency services.

Meanwhile, Allen has signalled that partying motorists will not escape the long arms of the law.

"It is the season for the parties -- the Sumfest, the ATI -- and we are saying that the motorists better know that we are on the streets and we will be vigilant," he said.





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