Police warn against unlawful use of flashing lights

July 12, 2016

Police have warned that they will be prosecuting motorists using lights -which are most often blue - in a manner that imitates emergency vehicles, especially the police

the police said in recent times, it has been observed that public passenger vehicles, motorcyclists and to a lesser extent, other members of the motoring public, have been using these lights.

This the cops say, represents a breach of the Road Traffic Act as the only persons who can lawfully use emergency lights are the police, the Jamaica Fire Brigade and ambulances. The police use blue lights, while other emergency services use red lights.

The police say having other vehicles using flashing lights may cause unwarranted confusion to road users and may allow criminal elements to deceive the public and impersonate the police and other emergency services. The police are therefore advising motorists to desist from the unlawful practice, or face prosecution. 

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