New kid on the block aims to win taste buds

July 13, 2016

Western Bureau:

Patrons attending Reggae Sumfest from July 17-23 are being reminded of Alessandro's Catering Services, a fledgling business that had its introduction to the flair of the biggest Reggae Show on Earth last year.

"Last year was our first at Sumfest, and we had a great time. In the end, we had feedbacks that suggest we are on to something," said owner Kimberlee Howell.

"The experience has opened up our business in ways never before possible, and we remain grateful for the opportunity. I am ready to see what will transpire this our second year working there," Howell added.


Regular patron


Describing Sumfest as a landmark event, Howell said the festival has won her over for good, even though she has been a regular patron over the years.

She credits Sumfest for being a breath of fresh air for her year-and-a-half old catering business, which employs 13 full-time staff members, including three chefs, creating mouth-watering dishes for high-rollers inside Sumfest's VIP booth.

"Last year, we worked the VIP area and that was something special. In all, I believe, through Sumfest, this business will generate enough talk to keep us making money. At least, that is the aim," Howell stated.

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