Woman steals MasterCard to shop online


July 13, 2016

A prison term of up to two years or a fine of $2 million now hang over the head of a St Catherine woman who stole her friend's credit card and used it to do shopping.

Simeses Gregory of Waterford, Portmore, St Catherine, plead guilty to unauthorized access to computer data under the Cybercrimes Act, and simple larceny when she appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court yesterday.

She is to be sentenced on September 28

The court was told that Gregory used her friend's card to shop online on two occasions last year December 11 and 14. In the first instance, she racked up an $11,000 bill.

Three days after her last purchase, the complainant became aware of the suspicious transactions and reported it to her bank.

The bank then conducted an investigation and later called in the police. A subsequent search of Gregory's residence led to the discovery of documents which reportedly linked her to the fraudulent use of the bank card.

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