Missing Clarendon sisters found at man's house in St James

July 14, 2016

Two Clarendon sisters who abandoned their home, and were reported missing by family members, were found at a man's house in Montego Bay, St James.

Twenty-year-old Antoinette Lisa Mullings, who is eight months pregnant, and her younger sister 17-year-old Shanakay Mullings, both left their home in Longborough, Clarendon on Monday.

The girls had said they were going shopping in Mandeville, Manchester for the soon-to-be-born baby.

Head of the St James police, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, told THE STAR that the girls "left their home to visit the elder one's spouse, so to speak".

"We got wind of where they were so the police team went there. She said that her battery died, so she wasn't able to communicate," SSP Nesbeth said.

"We interviewed them, and there is nothing suggesting anything amiss presently. Rest assured they're in good health."

turbulent two days

When THE STAR contacted the family at press time last night, family members were on their way to pick up the girls in Montego Bay.

Their older sister, Samantha Park, told THE STAR, that it was unclear why her sisters were in Montego Bay, but noted that she was just happy they were found safe and sound.

"I'm happy and overjoyed. I'm feeling wonderful!" She said.

Prior to locating the missing sisters, Park said it was a turbulent two days for the family.

"Our mother is not coping well. She's not eating, she's not sleeping, she's constantly crying every time we talk about them. Every time she passes and sees photographs of them, she cries," She had told THE STAR, before the girls were found.

She added that it had taken a similar toll on their father.

"He is here asking all kinds of questions. His phone is not out of his hand, he's calling the number over and over hoping that they might answer," Park had said.

She also shared that was particularly difficult for Antoinette's twin bother, who become withdrawn since the disappearance.

Shanakay, who graduated from from Edwin Allen High school last month, and Antonette, who completed 6th form at the Knox Community College last year, were released to their family yesterday.

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