Messengers warned about fire in Old Harbour

July 16, 2016
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston Vendors search through the rubble following a fire which destroyed the Old Harbour Market in St Catherine Friday morning.
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston Fire destroyed the Old Harbour Market in St Catherine Friday morning.

Friday morning's fire at the Old Harbour Market in St Catherine is said to have been fore told by a 'warner man' and a 'warner woman'.

"The people were warned that there would be fire and they rebuked the messengers. The man was told that nothing like that [would happen] and a woman warn and them rebuke her saying she was thirsty and this is the result," Margaret Tomlin said.

With the market now gutted, persons who operated business from that location are now counting their losses.

Linell Brown said that it is the second time in three years that her goods was destroyed by fire at the Old Harbour market.

"It is like I am reliving July 4, 2013, when fire destroyed all my goods. It has returned to haunt me on July 15, 2016, as I have lost everything that I have in the stall. This is a very wicked act," Brown said.

Tensie Williams-Thorpe, who has been selling in the market for 30 years, was a distraught woman yesterday.

"This is the worst that I ever feel. It is the back-to-school and everything gone so. My grandchildren dem ago suffer," Williams-Thorpe said.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the St Catherine Parish Council, Norman Scott, said the vendors will be relocated to the nearby bus park on East Street.

"We have contacted the police already to anticipate the changes on the road. I will also check the Parish Council by-laws to see how we can best reward these vendors who loss millions in the blaze," Scott told THE STAR.

The police said that despite the situation there will be no vending on the streets of Old Harbour.

"We are aware of the conditions that exist. However, there will be no illegal vending on the road, " deputy superintendent of police Neville Knight said.

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