Love has no colour ...Jesse Royal, girlfriend dismiss critics

July 19, 2016
Contributed Jesse Royal and his girlfriend, Lea.
Jesse Royal

'Modern Day Judas' singer Jesse Royal has responded to critics who expressed disappointment in him for choosing a light-skinned woman to have his baby.

Jesse Royal's girlfriend Lea used Instagram to announce that they are expecting a baby girl, recently. But while a number of followers extended congratulations, some persons have suggested that Jesse Royal could have dated a woman who has more melanin in her skin.

A seemingly angry Jesse Royal responded to critics on Instagram recently, saying, "For the record, di African blood strong inna her," and further stressed that "My love has no borders."

At the same time, Lea said she is "Not worried about being 'dark enough' for someone else."

When contacted, music and entertainment consultant Clyde McKenzie told THE STAR that every person has the right to choose who they date and have children with.

"I don't think he, at any time, told us that we were not supposed to have relationships with people who do not have the same kind of skin colour that we have. And, even so, he would still have the right to change his mind," he said.

McKenzie also argued that being a Rastafarian does not mean that Jesse Royal should be confined to relationships with women of darker shades.

"Being a Rastaman does not preclude who you want to love, irrespective of colour," McKenzie said.

In responding, Jesse Royal also said he finds it "So sad that everybody is so caught up on their idea of what is right for somebody else."

"Truly hope they find love in whatever shape, colour, race, or background that person may come with," the reggae singer said.

Lea was equally as dismissive of the critics.

"So many claim their love for people like Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, Dubois, Huey P Newton, etc. All mixed or light skinned," she said.

"And this is how far we've come. I'm not oblivious to the fact that there is a certain social hierarchy between shades that often put the darkest ones in a negative light, unfortunately. But black is the most 'diverse' race there is. And black love is beautiful, always. I'm not worried about being 'dark enough' for someone else, but I hope for our daughter and her generations sake that we do better," Lea said.

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