Blythe wants Portia gone as PNP president


July 20, 2016
Simpson Miller
Dr Karl Blythe

Former People's National Party vice president, Dr Karl Blythe, said he is willing to withdraw from a contest with Portia Simpson Miller for the presidency of the People's National Party (PNP) if she publicly states that she will resign within a year.

"If the Comrade leader comes out and say, 'Comrades, this is my last annual conference'... it might not make sense for me to run," Blythe said.

Blythe, 70, who was one of the three men Simpson Miller whipped in 2006 to succeed P.J. Patterson as PNP president, was yesterday nominated for the party's top post.

Simpson Miller, 71, was nominated on Monday.

"The party is in trouble... The persons in the party are afraid to challenge. They are afraid to open their mouths," added Blythe who left representational politics in 2007.

He said that Simpson Miller should take responsibility for the PNP losing the 2016 general election, and argued that like the leaders before her, she should recognise that it is time to go.

With Simpson Miller now opposed for the presidency of the PNP, it is likely that there will be an election at the party's annual conference in September.

"It does not matter whether I get one vote or five votes, or whether I get 4,000 votes and beat her. What I will be doing is to create that atmosphere where aspirants for the position will be able to go out there with absolutely no fear of victimisation," Blythe told THE STAR.

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