Gas Prices Down $0.14, Diesel Down $1.49

July 20, 2016

Petrojam Limited has announced a $0.14 reduction in the prices of gasoline.

Effective tomorrow, a litre of E10 87 gasoline will be sold for $105.16 per litre and a litre of E10 90 for $106.82.

Automotive Diesel moves down by $1.49 to sell for $97.85 per litre while Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) will decrease by $1.67 to sell for $106.18.

The price of kerosene will decline by $2.05 to sell for $86.12 per litre. Propane (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) will sell for $35.92 per litre; down $0.41 and Butane will see a reduction of $0.10 to sell for $42.62 per litre.

The price movements reflect similar movements in the prices of the relevant petroleum products within the US Gulf Coast Region, to which Petrojam’s product prices are indexed.

Marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark up to the announced prices.


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