Lucky Super Lotto spot ...Lounge operator hopes $250M winner is somebody in need


July 21, 2016
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Mark Yap, owner of the gaming lounge.
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Alethia Campbell (right) and Dian Witter, lotto machine operators at Yap's Gaming Lounge, which is situated in Barbican, St Andrew, were estatic after their location gave a lucky person $250 million having won the Super Lotto jackpot on Tuesday.

Half-way between the affluence of Jacks Hill and the depressed community of Birdsucker Lane sits Yap's Gaming Lounge, which now promises to become one of most popular spots to purchase lottery tickets.

The lounge, located in Barbican, sold Jamaica's first winning Super Lotto jackpot for the year.

One lucky person, who has not yet come forward to claim the prize, purchased a quick print ticket with the numbers 01, 15, 17, 24, 28 and Super Ball 05, and won $250 million in Tuesday night's draw.

"I really hope it is someone who is in need," Dian Witter, one of the three lotto machine operators at Yap's Gaming Lounge, said yesterday.

Witter, Alethia Campbell and Nicola Washington have been selling at the location since it opened eight years ago.

"We are so excited," said Campbell, as customers drew near to the establishment upon news that the location has sold a winning Super Lotto ticket.

The lotto machine operators said Yap's Gaming Lounge is a luck spot for punters, as two persons have won Lucky 5 after buying tickets there.

Simone Clarke-Cooper, Supreme Ventures' assistant vice-president for corporate communication, said there is no incentive given to the location that sells the winning Super Lotto ticket. However, she said gaming lounges generally see an increase in customers after a winning ticket is purchased at their location.

last dollar

Mark Yap, owner of the gaming lounge, told THE STAR that he is overjoyed to have learnt his location provided a lucky person with a ticket to their dreams.

"I feel so good about it. I only hope it is somebody in need. I can tell you that a lot of people, hungry people, come here and spend their last dollar, hoping to win. Sometimes they don't buy food, they buy the tickets to get a chance. I hope it is one of them who is the lucky winner and that the winner puts it to good use," Yap said.

The lucky winner will be required to validate the ticket within 90 days at the Supreme Ventures Corporate Office in New Kingston.

Tuesday's win marked yet another hit by a Jamaican in the Super Lotto. In May 2005, a man from St Elizabeth purchased a Super Lotto ticket for $200 and won J$117.9 million.

Yesterday, only a few persons turned up at Yap's Gaming Lounge to check if they were the lucky winners. None had the winning ticket.

Supreme Ventures would not disclose the date and time the ticket was purchased, but the lotto machine operators have a gut feeling that the ticket was sold late Tuesday evening.

"Me hope a one a my customers win it and come back and say, 'cashier, step up inna life,'" a beaming Witter said.

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