No promotion for cops who don't support kids - Montague

July 22, 2016

National Security Minister Robert Montague has taken steps to ensure that police officers who are not supporting their children cannot be promoted.

"I have been in discussions with the Police High Command," said Montague as he continued his broadside against police officers who he said are spending too much time in the Family Court answering to charges of failing to maintain their offspring.

According to Montague, "Officers who are subject to maintenance orders ought to be removed from the list of officers to be promoted."

The minister, who has been urging police officers to wear condoms, warned that "the lost man hours of police officers sitting in Family Court answering maintenance orders will not be tolerated."

"The taxpayers of Jamaica invest in your training to be on the streets providing law and order, not to be in the courts for maintenance orders," Montague said.

"You must take responsibility for your actions. Many times when these children are not properly maintained, they become a burden and become recruits to gangs and become a problem to the society," he added.

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