Al Miller faces three-year prison term


July 23, 2016
Al Miller

Clergyman Al Miller could be locked up in prison for up to three years following his conviction in the St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Judge Simone Wolfe Reece, in handing down her verdict, said that she found Miller to have been "less than candid with the court" about what happened the day Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was captured.

"In the circumstances, in so far as the charge is concerned, I reject the evidence that was led by the accused man [Miller]," Wolfe-Reece said.

Miller was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice after Coke was found in a car the pastor was driving.

wore disguise

The popular pastor of Fellowship Tabernacle Church in St Andrew said he was taking the convicted drug kingpin to the United States Embassy in St Andrew to surrender to authorities there. However, the judge rejected his evidence.

Coke was captured along the Mandela Highway in St Catherine in a sports utility vehicle being driven by Miller. The self-confessed drug lord, who wore disguise while in Miller's company, was wanted on an extradition warrant in the United States.

A month earlier, Coke had managed to elude a massive police-military operation in his Tivoli Gardens stronghold.

Miller is to be sentenced on September 15. Although the maximum penalty is three years imprisonment or a fine, recent rulings by the court suggest he could escape with a suspended sentence or a fine.

In 2014, Senior Superintendent of Police James Forbes was convicted on a similar charge and was fined $800,000 or six months at hard labour. He paid the fine.

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