It's contrary to JCF policy - Assistant commissioner says of cops-woman tussling video

July 25, 2016
ACP Palmer

Assistant Commissioner Wray Palmer, head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC), said he is disturbed after watching a video in which a woman was manhandled by two policemen.
The cops in the amateur video could be seen kneeling in the woman’s abdomen and grabbing her hair as they attempted to arrest her. The incident occurred on Saturday along the Gordon Town main road.
“What I viewed is contrary to JCF use of force policy and public intervention policy. What I saw is quite disturbing,” explained ACP Palmer, who said he learnt of the incident while watching the news.
He said though he has limited knowledge at the moment and his office would be notified in an issue like this. “I am appealing to witnesses to come up to the IOC and tell us what you know so that a thorough investigation can be conducted,” said Palmer.
The unidentified woman has been charged with resisting arrest, using indecent language, and unlawful wounding. She is on station bail.
Commanding officer for the Area Four police, Senior Superintendent Terrence Bent, admitted that what took place between the police and the woman did not look good.
“[It’s] disturbing. Some of the things that I saw were clearly not what is required in making an arrest,” he said, “if policy is breached, we want to record all of the evidence, and then we would want to place that before a tribunal if required to."





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