Man claims $250 million Super Lotto jackpot

July 25, 2016

The winner of the $250 million Super Lotto jackpot has come forward to claim his prize.

Supreme Ventures Limited said that the man claimed his prize on Monday, nearly a week after the jackpot was hit.

“It wasn’t until Friday that I realised that I had won,“ said the man, who is identified as Mr A Murray.

Murray said he purchased two sets of numbers – one quick pick and one where he chose his own numbers – from a location in Barbican, St Andrew.

He said a friend called and told him that the winning ticket had been bought in Barbican, and so he retrieved the ticket from his car , checked the Supreme Ventures mobile app, then the newspapers for further confirmation, and realised that he had the winning ticket.



“I called my wife, who was overseas, asked her if she was sitting down, and then gave her the news. She told me to stop teasing, but when I sent her the evidence via whatsapp, she believed,” Murray said.

Supreme Ventures said that it is currently in the process of verifying the ticket before it can pay over the prize to Murray.

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