Holness to get tough on crime


July 26, 2016

Prime Minister Andrew has called on Jamaicans to rally around certain anti-crime measures that his Government plans to implement.

"Our country cannot simply accept violence as a normal way of life. We must all take a stand against violence," Holness said.

The prime minister, who leads the governing Jamaica Labour Party, was speaking at the party's Central Executive meeting on Sunday.

Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte told parliamentarians recently that Holness' administration is prepared to make radical changes to cramp the spiralling murder rate, declaring that some "fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed to Jamaicans may have to be abrogated, abridged or infringed".

While Holness did not repeat Malahoo Forte's statement, he made it clear that his administration is determined to 'get tough' on matters like domestic


"We have to speak out against violence against women, sexual violence and child abuse - we have to speak definitively against them. We have to speak about how we discipline our children without using violence," Holness said.

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