Turn the street lights back on - Residents beg after gunmen invade community


July 27, 2016

Residents beg after gunmen invade community

Following the shutting off of street lights and the resulting shooting death of a man in a pre-dawn attack yesterday, residents of Water Street in Maxfield Avenue are calling for the lights to be put back on.

The residents say they are in fear that more lives will be lost if the lights are not turned on by the Jamaica Public Service Company.

Oneil 'Benno' Wright, 42, from Water Street, was shot dead by gunmen who invaded the area about 4 a.m. The residents said Wright, one-half of a twin, was killed at his home.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit, which confirmed the homicide, said reports from the Hunts Bay police were that Wright was awaken by loud explosions. He went outside to investigate and was shot several times by gunmen.

shooting start

"It sad how dem kill Benno, dem man deh nuh too talk. People did out on the street, but the police come and run dem in and then shortly after the shooting start. The street lights dem need fi fix cause a dat di gunman dem use under style and come inna the place," a resident said.

The residents mounted a small demonstration along Maxfield Avenue yesterday. The road was blocked with debris during the protest.

The JPS said it removed illegal connections in the area recently and the street lights were working. However, the lights are programmed to shut off if anyone attempts to make an illegal connection. The power company said it would re-evaluate the situation to ensure the street lights are working.

The Hunts Bay police say no suspect has been held in connection with the killing.

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