Rapists on the loose - Brutes strike twice at same spot - Women in fear

July 29, 2016

• Brutes strike twice at same spot n Women in fear

Two brutes who raped a woman and fondled another, who was on her period, are now being sought by the police. The savages reportedly committed the horrific act on Wednesday in St Catherine.

"The police are of the view that there is a gang that is carrying out these acts," a senior lawman said, assuring that the matter is being given urgent attention.

Head of the St Catherine North police, Senior Superintendent Anthony Powell, said the police will be going all out to find the perpetrators of the heinous crime. "We have no suspects as yet, but we are working on it," Powell said.

tied up

On Wednesday, two men held up four people, assaulting two, as they walked in the wee hours. Reports are that about 3 o'clock in the morning, the two men and two women were walking on the street when they were attacked by two men, one armed with a gun and the other a knife. It is said that the hoodlums tied up the men then took turns raping one of the women. The other woman, who was on her period, was not raped, but was fondled.

Residents said the perpetrators of Wednesday's crime may be responsible for a series of rapes in and around the area. Another woman is said to have been raped at the same spot last week, allegedly by the same men.

"These lickle criminals need some serious and decisive action. These people just hold the place at ransom. You cannot enjoy yourself after dark again," a vendor from the area said.

Another resident, this time a taxi driver, said the state should do more to rid the streets of the vipers who prey on the defenceless women.

Women in the community expressed concerns about their safety and business operators said that their livelihood is taking a beating as a result of the rapists.

Powell admitted that there have been some increase in robberies in areas of the division. He said the police have put plans in place to thwart and catch these robbers and will now be redoubling their efforts.

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