August 05, 2016

Getting a Summer body could be just $1,500 and needle sticks away. A local medical office that offers a "body fat melting" procedure has been touting it as the surest way to getting the "ultimate summer body".

This Summer body can be purchased at the low price at $1,500 or as high as $96,000, depending on the number of courses if treatement that will be administered.

A marketing and social media executive at medical establishment, told THE WEEKEND STAR that fat-reduction procedures includes the use of an injection that is placed in the fat area resulting in the loss of fat.

"You'll see the results in one - eight weeks," the representative said.

The representative, however, refused to reveal details about the success rate of the company's procedures.

She said too that Mesotherapy isn't for everyone and patients have to undergo various medical tests such as blood tests, and fat determination. Also candidates who are allergic to salt, diabetic, on steroids, and are affected by sickle cell aren't permitted for the meotherapy procedures.

Research research indicate that belly fat poses more risk than obesity, according to a new research.

- Romaine Newell

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