Tesha Miller's mother worried


August 09, 2016
Tesha Miller

Tesha Miller's mother is said to be worried about his safety following a call from the Police High Command for him to make himself available to them to answer questions about a flare-up in murders in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

"His mother, she has lost so many of her children and she is very concerned that Tesha Miller will be safe and that there will be no more trumped-up charges against her son," Bert Samuels, Miller's attorney said.

At least three of Miller's siblings are said to have died at the hands of criminals in Spanish Town, which prompted police in April to express concern that his return to the community could lead to law enforcement challenges.

Miller was recently deported from the United States after being jailed there for illegal entry.

Despite being infamous, the authorities have never proven any crime against Miller.

Miller has been labelled by the police as the leader of the Clansman gang.

Samuels said that by linking Miller to a gang, the police have made a fugitive out of him.

"Over the last 10 years, Tesha Miller has not been able to spend four months outside of jail. He has been taken into custody so many times by the police," Samuels said.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit said Miller was designated a person of interest, following intensive investigations and intelligence-led operations by senior detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), and the Major Investigation Division (MID).

He is being asked to make himself available to detectives at the MID, located at 230 Spanish Town Road, Kingston, by midday today.

Samuels said he is yet to make contact with Miller, but has spoken to some of his family members. He is hopeful that Miller, despite his misgivings about the justice system, will be prepared to sit down with the police.

"Mr Miller does not live in Spanish Town. He does not visit Spanish Town, so I am trying to see on what basis they say he is connected to this upsurge of violence in Spanish Town," Samuels insisted.

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