Clifford and Maude Beecher Foundation gives back to Spanish Town

August 10, 2016

Twenty seven students in St Catherine were on Sunday presented with back-to-school packages at the annual Clifford and Maude Beecher Foundation treat.

The act of goodwill has being a reality for the last 13 years, and this year saw the recipients receiving books and other school items as well as cash valued at $225,000.

The treat, which took place at the Oneness Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ Sydenham St Catherine, saw presentations being made to Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) awardees in Spanish Town,

St Catherine.

"We started this effort in honour of my mother, Pastor Maude Beecher and my father Clifford Beecher, who hail from Sydenham. It was their wish for us to give back, and we honour their memories each year," Claude Beecher said.

Beecher, who along with his wife Pauline had been the engine behind the foundation, said the back-to-school treat has grown from four students to more than 300 in the last 13 years.

Phostine Brown, a teacher from Bermaddy Primary School in St Catherine, endorsed the idea.

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