Couple pays $10,000 for dog's return


August 10, 2016

A Norbrook, St Andrew, couple has had to shell out $10,000 for the return of their 15-year-old shih tzu, Ming.

The couple theorise that Ming, which escaped from her home on July 16, was being held captive by the person who found it.

In fact, it was not until the owners placed an advertisement in this newspaper and offered a reward that the dog was returned.

"He said he had found the dog in Norbrook after he thought he had nearly hit the dog," the owner told THE STAR.

being thankful

A motorist, who eventually claimed the reward, is said to have claimed that his vehicle was damaged when he attempted to avoid hitting the dog.

"He braked up and checked on the dog ... Then he dropped the dog off to a friend who had a lot of dogs," she said.

The dog owner, while being thankful for the return of her pet, felt that the person who found it had ample time to return her pet. She said Ming's collar has her name and contact information. She is of the view that Ming was only returned because a reward was offered for her safe return.

"I don't believe you could have a dog walking around with a collar like that and not have any desire to return her. The number on her collar goes directly to my cell," the owner said.

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