BAD INJECTION ALMOST KILLED MY CHILD …Mother seeks help to save sick boy

August 11, 2016

... Mother seeks help to save sick boy

Florence Phillips' four-year-old son suffered from a severe allergic reaction to an injection administered by medical personnel at a public health facility last year that led him to death's door and back.

Phillips said it was divine intervention that brought him back to life. However, he now suffers from an undiagnosed neurological condition, which causes him to act 'strange' several times daily.

"Sometimes him will just hold him head and start scream loud and start mash up everything. Him get wild and start run up and down in the bushes! Him bawl fi him head and say it don't feel good. My child was never like this before," she lamented.

Phillips, a 40-year-old mother of three, explained that it all started August 29 last year when her son developed an itchy rash all over his body, and she took him to the Eastern Jamaica-based health facility.

She said she expected her son to be treated and released the same day, as his condition did not seem life threatening, but things took an ugly turn when the nurse administered the drug the doctors prescribed, hydrocort with DPH.

"When she (nurse) give him the first one (injection), him scream with everything him have," she said, adding that the nurse followed with the second injection, and her son became soundless.

mouth frothing

"I turned him over and looked. His eyes were wide open and I saw his mouth frothing. Him brown, and when me look his forehead and inside him mouth start change to blue," Phillips said.

She explained that she was escorted from the room when she started crying hysterically, then hours later she was called in a room to speak with the doctor.

"He was on a bed in a corner naked. By this, his body turn black as a scandal bag. They closed his eyes and tape them down and he was not moving. I only heard the doctor ask the nurse, 'Did you record the time?' and she said,'Yes,' so by this me know him gone," she said.

Not knowing what else to do, Phillips said she called her church family they all began to pray. About four hours later, she was again called to the room.

intensive care unit

"The Lord brought him back to life. They saw him start breathing again," she said.

The child was then transferred to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he spent three days in the intensive care unit, and was later discharged.

Afterwards, however, the child started displaying some erratic behaviours that scared his mother, forcing her to bring him to their family doctor.

After explaining what transpired at the health, Phillips said the doctor explained that her son was suffering from brain damage, as he was oxygen deprived. He advised her to visit a neurological specialist who would better be able to assist, however, she does not have the resources to do so. The distraught mother was once a vendor, but has since discontinued her trade to care for her sick child.

She added that the local clinic has also written a referral for her to visit a paediatrician.

Phillips is seeking financial assistance to bring her son to see a neurological specialist, as well as a counsellor who could help them overcome the frightening ordeal.

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