Brilliant boy grateful for assistance

August 11, 2016
Dean Farquharson
Ian Allen/Photographer Dean Farquharson, St Thomas' top GSAT student, and his mother, who sells on the streets of downtown Kingston.

Young Dean Farquharson is all set for school next month after receiving an outpouring of assistance from persons who were touched by his story.

He was in high spirits yesterday when he told THE STAR that he is excited about starting school in September, and added that he wants to say, "a big thank you" to everyone who have been assisting him.

Last month, THE STAR highlighted that the 11-year-old St Thomas native had excelled in his Grade Six Achievement Test, averaging in the high 90s, to attend Ardenne High School in St Andrew. Dean was also the top student throughout his tenure at the Trinityville Primary School, and copped more than eight awards at his graduation ceremony.

However, his mother, Mavis Campbell, who sells ground provisions in downtown Kingston, could not afford to send him to school in another parish, and was being encouraged to keep him close to home.

"I have 11 children, and he [Dean] is the 10th one. All others passed for schools within the area. Him alone pass for a school outside of his area," Campbell had explained.

Since hearing Dean's story, a number of persons have acted to ensure the brilliant little fellow gets his heart's desire of attending Ardenne High School, after which he hopes to study to become a doctor.

One such person is Almarie Douglas, who has offered him a place to stay in Kingston free of cost, while he attends school.


"One of my friends, Gregory Messam, who is a former Reggae Boy, shared THE STAR's story on Facebook and said somebody needs to help. We got together as a little group and it blossomed from there," she explained.

"He's such a bright little young man. I really wanted to ensure he got the opportunity to go to school," she added.

Douglas, who is the mother of three grown children, has already opened up her home to Dean, as he stayed with her for summer school.

"He's such a pleasant person. He is very disciplined. Every evening he came home and did his homework. It was like a routine. It was good," she shared.

In addition, an overseas-based charity, Mission of Hope and Grace, has pledged to take care of his tuition, book list, uniforms, and school supplies.

Vice-president of the charity, Mlilinda Smith, promised that Dean will receive the continued support of the charity as long as he maintains good grades.

Dean and his mother noted that they have been receiving tremendous support from many other persons, and said they are eternally grateful.

"I would like to tell them many thanks, and God richly bless them," Campbell said.

Persons who want to assist the youngster, may send funds to the Jamaica National, Morant Bay branch, in Dean Farquharson's name, account number 209 425 870.

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