GET HELP FOR TROUBLED RELATIONSHIPS …Counsellor says violent crimes can be prevented

August 13, 2016

... Counsellor says violent crimes can be prevented

Relationship specialist Dr Sidney McGill is urging couples experiencing relationship challenges to seek professional help before the situation escalates into violent crimes.

"A lot of them, especially the men, will say that counsellor can't help them, and all the counsellor going to do is sit down and talk. But we do help," McGill said.

His calls come in light of the recent spate of crimes stemming form what is believed to be dysfunctional relationships.

On Wednesday, police constable Andre Dwayne, attached to the Manchester police division, was hauled before the courts on allegations of kidnapping his former lover, and holding her at his house for several days, where he physically assaulted her. He has been remanded in custody and is expected to face the court on Monday.

Just last week, a man was brought into custody for questioning by the St Thomas police for allegedly trying to kill himself and his girlfriend by driving into the sea. It is reported that the woman indicated that she wanted to end the relationship, and on reaching a section of Wharf Road in Morant Bay, the man drove the car off the road, plunging the vehicle more than 50 feet into the sea. The woman was rescued and taken to the hospital, where she was admitted.

murder suicide

Last month, THE STAR reported that a rocky union was believed to be the cause of the shocking murder suicide in downtown Kingston, where 50-year-old Paul Martin gunned down his common law wife, 44-year-old Collette Hibbert, then turned the gun on himself.

According to Dr McGill, relationships generally tend to break down when there is an accumulation of unresolved conflicts, coupled with the inability to seek proper help. He explained that persons who commit murder suicide often feel there is no hope.

"Especially if a man feels betrayed, and especially if this woman was his pride and joy in the beginning, and helped to define his own identity, it is easy for him to harm or kill the woman who has harmed or killed his own identity," he explained.

He said there are several red flags to look out for that would indicate that a relationship is heading for disaster, including a partner threatening to kill the other. McGill said help should be sought immediately.

"Seek professional help. Even if your partner refuses, go by yourself. You need to have someone to talk it through to realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel," McGill said.

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