Radlein dethroned for breaching agreement

August 16, 2016
Sharlene Radlein, Miss Universe Jamaica 2015

Organisers of Miss Universe Jamaica have pointed to a clause in the agreement for the title winner to be in Jamaica for 21 consecutive days each month as the key reason for taking away Sharlene R‰dlein's crown.

The organisers stripped R‰dlein last Friday, citing several breaches of the Miss Universe Jamaica Organisation Title Winners Title Agreement.

"Ms R‰dlein's persistent departures have significantly affected our ability to secure sponsors and schedule her activities. This has negatively affected the future of the pageant and has caused us grave financial loss," Mark McDermoth said, while reading from a prepared statement.


Lives in New York


R‰dlein lives in New York, United States. The organisers said that since being crowned, "We have painstakingly sought to guide Ms R‰dlein in a manner which reflects the vision and ideals of the organisation, however, several of her actions have been wholly inconsistent with the culture of the pageant both locally and internationally. Ms R‰dlein has breached several of the clauses in her contract and despite being given written notices of the breaches, Ms R‰dlein has failed to remedy them. She has operated in ways contrary to the goodwill and reputation of the organisation which caused us to lose confidence in her ability to make a meaningful contribution," the organisation added.

The decision to dethrone R‰dlein comes after she filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court on July 20 against the pageant's organisers.

In the lawsuit, R‰dlein alleges that the defendants are in breach of an agreement to award her a prize package valued at more than $2 million, and in further breach by not paying over the cash prize portion of the prize due since January. The defendants had 14 days to acknowledge the claims that have been served on them, and 42 days to file a counter-claim outlining the facts on which they will be relying.

THE STAR reached out to Reid Burrell & Company, the law firm representing R‰dlein, but up to press time last night no comment was received.

The Miss Universe Jamaica Organisation said payments to R‰dlein were

suspended because of investigation into several breaches. They said too that the parties and their respective attorneys were in discussions with the aim of arriving at an amicable resolution at the time the suit commenced.

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