Windscreen wipers removed from streets in the Corporate Area

August 16, 2016
File This file photo shows windscreen wipers busy at work in Three Miles in St Andrew last year.

The St Andrew Central and St Andrew South police have began operations at major intersections throughout the Corporate Area to remove the young men who wipe windscreens.

Reports from the St Andrew South are that about 7:30 a.m. yesterday police apprehended 19 men within the Portia Simpson Miller Square. In the process, they also seized two okapi knives.

Additionally, teams from the St Andrew Central Police Division picked up 16 persons, including two boys, in the Half-Way Tree area. They were picked up at the intersections of Maxfield Avenue and Hagley Park Road, as well as Hope Road, Waterloo Road and Trafalgar Road, Hope Road, Barbican Road and Old Hope Road.

The men were charged for breaches of the Main Road Act and will appear Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court tomorrow.

The two boys were charged with Child in Need of Care and Protection and are scheduled to appear in the Family Court on Wednesday, August 24, along with their mothers, who have been charged for negligence.

These operations are part of a wider operational strategy to restore and maintain public order.

Investigations continue.

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