Bets busted after Bolt misses record

August 19, 2016


Usain Bolt wanted to destroy his 200-metre record of 19.19 seconds so badly he appeared to have convinced many persons it was worth the shot betting on him to do so.

Having seen Bolt in the semi-final on Wednesday in a time of 19.79, Kingsley McCalla predicted he would stop the clock at 18.96 seconds. He went into a sport betting outlet and placed a wager.

"Despite his age, him a guh break di record and from him seh suh, him a guh duh it, him a guh bruck it and set it suh no odda man can bruck it," McCalla said.

He placed $100 on Bolt breaking the record. However, he was wrong on that score.

Bolt ran a pedestrian - by his own standards - 19.78 seconds to win the gold medal, in the process securing his status as a legend.

Farmsith Genius, another punter, put money on Bolt to break the record. His wager was $50.

"Well, yuh done know seh Bolt seh him a guh retire and him wah leff wid a statement. Him at di top and him a guh leff undisputed ... Mi bout 85 per cent sure seh him a guh bruck di record," Genius explaining his reason for his bet.

He too lost.

Following the race, McCalla said that Bolt winning the gold and completing the historic three-peat is more important to him than the outcome of his bet.

"It is something that many have tried but didn't succeed. It is not a normal thing him do," McCalla said.

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