Chinese businessman freed of uncustomed charges

August 19, 2016

A St Catherine-based businessman of Chinese descent was recently freed of charges of selling uncustomed goods.

Zhen Zhi walked away a free man from the St Catherine Parish Court after the prosecution conceded that there was not enough evidence to mount a viable case againt the businessman.

The prosecutors said that Jamaica Customs failed to furnish a statement in the matter despite several requests.

It was also borne out that the statements submitted by investigators are not enough to establish a case against the accused.

Zhen's was arrested after police personnel swooped down on his wholesale in Spanish Town, St Catherine, where it was alleged that several cases of boxes marked Craven A, and Matterhorn cigarettes as well as mosquito coils were found. The police said that the goods were uncustomed.

Zhen, who made numerous court appearances, maintained his innocence throughout.

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