Parents seek help to save baby's life

August 19, 2016
Andre Trail, 24, and Shanelle Stewart, 26, will do anything to save Baby Alacia's life.
@Normal:Six-month-old Alacia Trail has a rare liver disease.

Since this newspaper featured the story of baby Alacia Trail, who needs an urgent liver transplant to save her life, an Argentinean hospital has accepted her into its programme.
However, the young family still needs a lot of help.
Eight-month-old Alacia Trail was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare, life threatening disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. It prevents the liver from releasing waste products and digesting fat in the body.
Her parents, Andre Trail, 24, and Shanelle Stewart, 26, said they will stop at nothing to save her life. and have been busy seeking assistance to foot the cost of the surgery, which is only done overseas.
Trail will also go under the knife as he will be donating a lobe of his liver for the procedure.
So far, Baby Alacia as been accepted into an Argentinean programme called EPHE Foundation, which facilitates liver transplants for children who cannot have the surgery done in their home country.
Dr Carlos Luque, who heads the programme, told the family that they will need to stay in Argentina for three months to do the surgery and the necessary follow-ups. He also explained that the entire procedure, as well as accommodation for the family, will cost US$134,000, or over JA$17 million dollars, some of which will be funded by the foundation.
The balance, as well as food, airfare and other miscellaneous will have to be sourced by the parents. However, fundraising has been a challenge for Stewart, who is currently unemployed, and Trail, who works occasionally as a plumber.
“We’re trying to do our best to get the word out, to see if we can get some help. We kept a barbecue and a fun day, but we didn’t get much from that. We also approached the Ministry of Health, and we’re waiting for a response,” Stewart said.
She added that a few persons have offered donations and words of encouragement, but it is only a drop in the bucket so far.
“It could be worse, so we still have to give God thanks same way. We thank everyone for all they have been doing because they are doing it with a willing heart, “ Alacia’s father, Trail added.
As baby Alacia waits for the funds to do the transplant, her condition continues to deteriorate. She was recently admitted in the hospital for two weeks after doctors noticed that her breathing was irregular. Both Trail and Stewart are appealing for assistance to save their child.
Persons who wish to assist may contact Shanelle Stewart at 1-876-883-0176 or donate funds to NCB account number 684195557, Linstead Branch, in André Trail’s name.



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