Shelly parts ways with Stephen Francis

August 20, 2016
MVP Track Club's head coach Stephen Francis

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is leaving Stephen Francis' MVP track club.

Francis, the coach at MVP, has confirmed that the Olympic 100m bronze medallist has lost confidence in the programme and is moving.

Fraser-Pryce has been as MPV since leaving in high school.

Under the watch of Francis she has won gold at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012. She also won 100 metre world titles in Berlin 2009, Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015.

She has been forced to play second fiddle to Elaine Thompson in the Rio Games.

Thompson, who is also Fraser-Pryce's club mate, won gold in the 100m and 200m as well as silver in the sprint relay.

"By far, I would say this is my best championship ever," Fraser-Pryce said. "I knew how hard I worked, I knew the pain, I knew the sacrifice, I knew the tears, I knew everything," she said following her bronze medal effort in the 100 metres.

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