The World's Greatest

August 20, 2016
This woman leaps into the air as Jamaica's 4 x 100 men relay team mined gold at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio last night.
Jamaicans gathered in Half way Tree, St Andrew last night and were estatic as sprint king Usain Bolt the country's sprint relay team to gold.
These women discussed the result of the womens 4x100m relay finals. Jamaica placed second behind the United States.

"There you go. I'm the greatest," Usain Bolt said last night after he achieved a historic sprint triple-triple in the Olympic Games.

Bolt won his third gold medal of the Rio Olympic Games, his ninth overall, after he anchored the country's  4x100m relay team to victory.

"It's unreal, I didn't know this was all going to happen to me. And I told the guys that if this didn't come together for me, I was going to beat them up! I'm the greatest," Bolt said.

While Bolt was celebrating in Rio, jubilation was at its peak in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, last night when team Jamaica copped the gold and silver medals in the men’s and women’s 4x100 metres relays respectively.

Oswald Mitchell, the self-proclaimed master pot cover clapper, kept the crowd lively with his rhythmic clanking of two massive pot covers.

“The race was wonderful! As you can see, me have two different sets of pot cover, one come from a pressure cooker and one come from a Dutch pot because team Jamaica a pressure them and cook them," he said.

"The men get the gold and me love that! Big up the woman dem same way because them still get a silver medal,” he blared.

It was this sort of excitement that attracted Nicky Robinson and her three children to watch the races in the parish capital as opposed to their quiet living rooms. With her toddler in hand, and two little ones standing by her feet, Robinson told THE STAR that she was proud of the performances.

“No! We couldn’t stay at home because we love the excitement! Mi have to carry all three of them come out here to enjoy the races. This couldn’t watch at home!,” she shared.

Similarly, Raquel Russell, who hails from Trench Town, explained that she travelled all the way to celebrate in the parish capital with her two kids, Andrea McLaughlin, 19,  and Courtney McLaughlin, 11. They wanted to watch their cousin,  Anneisha McLaughlin, and the other athletes represent Jamaica on the big screen.

“We affi come out fi watch Anneisha, we father niece. We affi come out fi watch Usain Bolt, although me neva see him inna real life, I’m a big fan,” Russell explained.

“The excitement neva so high at home! We had to come out here fi hear the music and cheer and all those things,” Russelll added.


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